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Achieve true peace of mind and business protection with SecureWorker™

In order to protect the modern technology worker, while not sacrificing productivity, we can no longer rely exclusively on decades-old methods. We have formulated a one-of-a-kind suite of tools and services that is unparalleled in the market today.  This program combines training and education to EMPOWER your team, delivers additional security methods to PROTECT your technology workers, and provides individual based backup services so that you can always RECOVER your workforce back to production. 

Today companies have no choice but to consider potential vulnerabilities and the negative impacts that a data breach can have on the health of their business. The horror stories that headline the news are true and, unfortunately, even the best anti-malware tools are not enough to keep you fully protected.  
— Lyf Wildenberg, President & CEO

Tired of Security Scare Tactics?

Check out our Mytech U webinar on 5 Ways to Empower & Protect your Team.  We go more in-depth about our SecureWorker™ program.

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