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Recover your team’s critical documents that could otherwise cripple their productivity if they were accidentally deleted, seized by ransomware, or damaged due to a hardware failure.  


Office 365 Backup

More and more businesses are relying on Office 365 applications such as Outlook,  SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, and Teams to get things done.  However, with all of that cloud data comes a whole new set of concerns about data protection. What if a user accidentally deletes or overwrites a file? When employees leave the company, can you prevent their files from leaving with them? How can you protect your organization from all the new variants of ransomware that are specifically attacking hosted services and bypassing corporate firewalls? Our all-inclusive Office 365 Backup goes above and beyond just backing up your email, it ensures that ALL of your Office 365 data is secure, easily recoverable, and protected.

Desktop Document Backup

Many employees, especially laptop users who work remote or travel frequently, keep working copies or even final versions of business documents on their local machines. The loss of a document can mean a loss of time as it is re-created,  or worse if that document is critical to operations. Desktop Document Backup automatically backs up common business documents such as word, excel, pdf, and more, twice a day. Your team can easily recover documents temporarily lost due to an accidental deletion, ransomware, or hardware failure.



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