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Protect your team from the most intelligent and malicious security threats that evolve day by day. 


Intelligent Threat Detection 

Modern antivirus primarily focuses on the actions performed by executable files to make heuristic-based detections. While antivirus is still a crucial part of an organization’s network security, unfortunately, viruses continue to evolve using advanced techniques that make it so antivirus alone isn’t enough. With Intelligent Threat Detection, our Security Operation Center (SOC) quickly detects and removes these highly sophisticated threats that slip past even the most advanced antivirus and preventive security measures, protecting your business from downtime, costly cleanup, and a damaged reputation.

DNS Filtering

Domain Name Services (DNS) is often not thought of as a tool to provide security. However, DNS filtering inserts a layer of security at the point where human language is translated to computer language, filtering websites that are known to be high risk or that serve out and support malware, and blocking them even before a connection to the site is made. DNS continuously analyzes websites using a highly sophisticated combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and security analysts, to constantly stay up-to-date with problem domains. 


Hard Drive Destruction

Outdated desktop and laptop workstations are easy to get rid of, but what happens to the hard drives and the valuable data you had on them when they go? Don’t take chances – Mytech will have the drives properly wiped of data and then physically destroyed so you can be certain the drives, and their contents, will never be accessed by anyone else.  

Mobile Device Management

As companies move to the cloud, controlling where and how your company’s data is accessed becomes a difficult task.  Mobile Device Management tools help you set what devices and applications can access that data, making sure you meet your organization’s requirements for safety and security.



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