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Empower your team with the education and training they need to prevent security vulnerabilities due to social engineering and ransomware attacks. 


Security Awareness Training

With 91% of successful data breaches starting with a phishing attack, can you really afford not to train your users on how to avoid one? With SecureWorker™, we will empower you to identify which of your users are most vulnerable to clicking on malicious mail and provide the resources to proactively train them on how to avoid social engineering, spear phishing, and ransomware attacks.

Workplace Productivity Training

Microsoft is releasing new features to their Office 365 products on a daily basis. Your employees may be exposing your organization to security risks when searching for how to use those new features and solutions on the Internet. Our Workplace Productivity Training program provides education on the newest O365 products and solutions, all within a safe and secure learning environment.


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