The only constant in the IT industry is change. 

Change – whether lifecycle management, upgrading capabilities or implementing new solutions – is the biggest cause of staff frustration and productivity downtime. Any change in technology can lead to chaos. Not because the technology isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, but because processes need to change or staff need to be trained in order to properly integrate the new technology into the organization. For Mytech to assist our customers with change management, we have developed a detailed process that guides our teams to gather the right information, assess business requirements, make recommendations, and set expectations for any potential business disruption involved in the proposed changes.

Several Mytech teams work together to design and execute all projects: Business Development, Senior Sales Engineering, Project Management, and Field Engineering. It is also critical for us to include the customer in the planning phase to identify their unique business justification and risk tolerance, so together we can choose the correct solution. Other factors that are considered when designing and choosing solutions include:

  • Number of people using the solution
  • Balance of redundancy vs. investment
  • Future plans that may affect the solution
  • Number of locations leveraging the solution
  • Security and/or regulatory compliance that needs to be followed
  • Impact the solution will have on the organization

Our goal in factoring all of the variables above into our solutions is to minimize the disruption to you and your staff. All solutions meet our Blue Standard, which means that they are low maintenance and provide a quality experience to users. Our project team is primarily focused on delivering new solutions to our managed service customers; however, for advanced and specialized deployments, they will evaluate executing outside projects.

Examples of project services we provide include:

  • Office 365 Migration
  • Cloud Solution, Virtualization, Colocation Migration/Implementation
  • On premise infrastructure deployment – firewalls, switches, servers and storage
  • Wireless Site Surveys, Assessments, Planning and Deployment
  • Remote Access Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • New Locations, Acquisition Integration and Office Moves
  • Multi-location WAN Redundancy Planning & Implementation – MPLS, BGP, VPN
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