Mytech Patching FAQ

Patching is an important part of managing our clients’ networks; therefore, it is important for us to explain our patching philosophy and methodology and how it compares to other approaches. Many IT companies automate the approval of all patches or refrain from patching, while Mytech evaluates and approves patches before releasing them to customers. Mytech’s approach maintains both the security and stability of our customers’ networks.

Out-of-the-box or unmanaged patching will use Windows Updates to install patches as they become available. This simplifies the process but leaves a user vulnerable to bad patches and undesired reboot times. Mytech follows managed patching practices, which controls what patches are installed, when they are installed and when necessary reboots are allowed to occur.

Patches are evaluated and manually approved 15 to 30 days after release. This allows time for issues to come forward and disruptive patches to be removed or skipped over. When a critical vulnerability is discovered, we will expedite approval of these updates and install them outside of the normal schedule.


 When does patching happen? When is the standard maintenance window?

Patching installs and reboots occur after standard business hours to minimize customer disruption. Generally, workstations and laptops can be patched during the week and may be rebooted nightly, and server updates and reboots are limited to a specified day. You are currently assigned to Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday for server updates and reboots.


  What do I need to do as a customer?

There is very little action needed on your part. You do not need to be logged in, but the machine needs to be powered on so we can reach the machine remotely.  Our managed patching will proceed so long as a machine is left on and connected to the network. We do ask that you save your work every night before you leave in case a reboot is required.


What’s “Patch Tuesday”?

“Patch Tuesday” is what Microsoft calls the day it releases new patches -- usually the second Tuesday of each month. However, Mytech evaluates and approves patches after Microsoft releases them before we release them to our customers. Expect us to release patches to be deployed on workstations and laptops (any day of the week) and servers (on your specific day) 15 to 30 days after Microsoft.

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