Managed services are the core of Mytech’s business.

If you already know what your IT challenge is and you’re looking for some quick answers you can Contact Us. If you want to learn about the methodology that has enabled us to receive a 97% happiness feedback score - across all our IT services, read on. 

Our brand of services are centered around building relationships and partnerships with our clients, and two principles: Mytech’s Blue Standard and “Above the Line”.
— Lyf Wildenberg, President & CEO

Mytech’s IT Service Methodology

At the core of our partnership is the expectation that we will provide quick, competent, personalized service and you will make the infrastructure investments required for us to deliver that service. Our account management methodology includes working with you to learn your business goals and building technology solutions that fit your budget and meet your needs. This sets the foundation that allows us to implement our two principles.

Mytech's Blue Standard
Mitigating Your Risk & Keeping Your Business Running

Mytech’s Blue Standard is our guide to network supportability and stability. The defined solutions help us mitigate risk, provide best in class technology, integrate all systems, follow industry and manufacturer best practices, and manage and support solutions remotely. The more closely your network is aligned to The Blue Standard, the fewer problems you will have, and the faster you will be able to recover when problems do occur. The Blue Standard is the technology foundation of the “Below the Line” systems that enable our customers to focus “Above the Line” to complete more strategic initiatives.


Mytech's Above the Line:
Improving Your ROI

The objective of “Above the Line” initiatives is to incrementally improve your return on technology investment (ROI). Infrastructure and business applications provide the “Below the Line” foundation for the more lucrative “Above the Line” improvements that increase efficiency, minimize duplication of data entry, build automation into workflows, and increase the value of data mining. While Mytech can advise both Above and Below the Line, “Above the Line” initiatives require a deeper level of organizational understanding we cannot provide. For this reason, we diligently work “Below the Line” to allow you and your staff to focus “Above the Line” and realize greater efficiency and ROI.

Self-Select Your Managed IT Service
Basic  /  Complete  /  Essential  /  Co-Managed

Because we know one size does not fit all, we have developed four managed service programs built on the above principles. To find the program that best fits your needs, work through our decision tree below on your own, or contact us to walk you through with more detail.

decision tree


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