Big AND Small

Providing the Best IT Experience is about being big AND small.
It extends beyond what we do (technology) into how we serve our customers.

We were intentional about changing our vision from “provide the best IT solutions” to “provide the best IT experience” in 2013. Any technology engineer can provide a good solution, but we want to do more than implement a solution. We want to work in partnership with you - to help you meet your goals and to take on much of the responsibility for ensuring your technology does what it needs to do.

Providing the Best IT Experience is about knowing you, your staff, your technology, and your business operations and goals. It is also about providing the same experience across the board. From the part-time staff to the CEO and everyone in-between. Everyone deserves to love their technology.

While we don’t know of any concrete measurement that can certify our customers have the Best IT Experience compared to the customers of our competitors, it is the vision that we strive for everyday. Our vision instills in us the confidence we need to deliver a great service, and the humility to accept that we aren’t perfect and should always be looking to improve.

We look to our customers to let us know where we can improve. After each service ticket is closed, an email is automatically sent out to the customer to give us 2-click feedback on their experience. All negative feedback is responded to by service management so they can resolve any lingering concerns and learn how they can coach the team to do better next time.

A critical lesson learned from our customers in recent years was that they felt we were too big because our engineers didn’t know who they were. We know we need to have a sizable team in order to provide the services our customers expect from us, but we also knew there was something we could do to solve the paradox of being both “big and small”. We started by tasking the business-side team with ensuring we were keeping customer goals and needs in mind, and the service-side team with solving their issues and delivering the solutions identified by the business-side team. When this wasn’t quite enough, we split the service desk into even smaller teams so each service team could become more familiar with their customers, and so our customers could recognize and build relationships with the engineers working on their tickets. This familiarity helps customers feel more confident that they will be well taken care of and helps us fix issues faster and with more accuracy.

 H.E.L.P. Center

H.E.L.P. Center

We have also rolled out our H.E.L.P. Center application to most customers with customizations that fit their unique requirements. Do you have special notes you want included in a certain service request? We can pre-populate that information in the application across your company’s users. The H.E.L.P. Center does not require a login, but still recognizes the user based on the credentials used to login to the machine. You can use this tool to submit tickets, access ticket status and history, review invoices (with permission), approve service requests (if applicable), and review uploaded training or application information.

Being big and small, soliciting feedback, and instilling confidence in our team all contribute to our ability “To Provide the Best IT Experience in North America.” Have feedback? We want to hear it!

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