Putting Your Business At The Center

What if we told you, that your technology could give you a competitive advantage over your competition, whilst empowering and protecting your team? 

With the right IT partner, it's possible!

At Mytech, we partner with you to provide more than just IT services, plenty of others offer that!  We help small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s), like you, serve your customers better by implementing a proven IT strategy that removes IT challenges, and enables you to experience 4x more value and productivity.


IT Services Designed Around You

Managed Services


Our solutions help us mitigate risk, provide best in class technology, integrate all systems, follow industry and manufacturer best practices, and manage and support solutions remotely.  

IT Project Services


Any change in technology can lead to chaos. This can be reduced through our proven change management processes' which set clear expectations and minimize disruption to you and your staff.

Multi layered security


In order to protect the modern technology worker, whilst not sacrificing productivity, we can no longer rely exclusively on decades old methods.  See how we can help you achieve true peace of mind and business protection.

Disaster Recovery


Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions have ZERO return on your investment...until the day you have to use them. Don't put your business at risk by not choosing the right solution.  We can help!

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Happiness Rating = 97%

We are proud to achieve over a 97% happiness rating from our clients! 

Did you know...?

- The culture of a company has a direct impact  on the happiness of their employees?

- Happier employees = happier customers!


  • Rudy is the best. He listened to what I had to say and solved my problem. He is so polite and wonderful to work with.
    — Amy S.
  • Jeff is excellent...I can always count on him to fix our issues!
    — Judy H.
  • As always, The service we get from Mytech is outstanding, awesome and complete! Your guys are the best! Nice job!
    — Michael H.
  • Proactive monitoring and quick resolution.
    — Dan B.


Be Fair, Give Back & Be Inclusive!

When the CEO of the company starts a meeting with "Our investors have pulled our funding and your paychecks are going to bounce tomorrow," you ask "what's next?"...

Learn Something & Get to Know Us

Get up close and personal with us at any one of our upcoming free local or online events.


Ready when you are!

Are you ready to remove your IT challenges and experience 4x more value and productivity?  Together, let’s make IT easy!

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